DS Dream

DS Dream

Swiss clockwork have since long been the benchmark for top quality clockworks. To this, add Certina's advanced technology and precision, and you have one of the best watchmakers in the world. For more than 100 years, they have been on trend at the same time as in the forefront of technological advancements... and they are not about ”creating and talking”... they test their products in harsh conditions, as mountainexpeditions, underwater laboratory, skiing on Mount Everest and at Motorcross championships. Certina produces them, we sell them; great products to low prices – at Watchia.com.

The history behind Certina: When "Swiss Made" became synonymous with top notch quality

For more than 130 years, Certina has been dedicated to Swiss watchmaking, and they are especially famous for their precise, reliable and innovative clockworks. It all started back in 1889, when the brothers; Adolf and Alfred, opened their own watchproduction at the foot of the impressive Jura-mountain in Grenchen (Switzerland). Their humble beginning started in an annex of the family home... and from there it grew. 1930 they adapted the now well known brand name: Certina... that comes from the Latin ”certus”, meaning sure... reliable... trustworthy – words that perfectly describes the attributes of their watches. Quality, craftmanship, technological advances and sporty spirit has been leading stars, and they have hard criterias for determine quality, including the robust ”Double Security” (DS Concept), founded 1959 as well as the ”Swiss Made”, that is on all watches in all of Certina's collections.

Certina's DS-Technology and the performance of their watches, has developed over time... never standing completely still. So, a Certina watch of today is very robust and many of the models are waterprotected to withstand the pressure on 300 meters depth (in a laboratory environment); a great choice for serious divers who wants a reliable diver's watch. Certina have always had an interest for diving and under-water-activities, and since 2017 they also support Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC, in Florida), working for the protection and survival of sea turtles.

Klockgiganten.se är en auktoriserad återförsäljare av klockor från Certina, och eftersom vi enbart säljer produkter från de märken som har utsett oss till deras återförsäljare, så kan du vara säker på att produkterna är äkta och kvalitetstestade; kommer med giltig garanti och med tillgång till officiell service. Du är välkommen att fråga vår kunniga kundtjänst om alla "våra" märken och klockor.

Det finns inga produkter som matchar filtret.